Day of Beauty_22.06.19

“Day of Beauty” celebrated in Carmel’s Group of Schools on 22.06.19. All the classrooms were decorated based on the theme and all the students participated in the event. Students came forward with their own ideas and involved in all kinds of activities like depicting Skit, Mime, Poem recitation, Singing songs, Speech, Art & Craft and so on. “Day of Beauty” laid platform for students’ Creativity, Innovation, Cognitive development, Team work and Communicative skill.

Three judges visited all the classrooms from Mont 1 – IX and awarded marks based on the class performance.

Each class performed uniquely under the following topics.

  • Beauty of Friendship
  • Beauty of Kindness
  • Beauty of Humanity
  • Beauty of India
  • Beauty of Responsibility
  • Beauty of Truth and Respect
  • Beauty of Technology
  • Beauty of School Life
  • Beauty of Food
  • Beauty of Rainbow
  • Beauty of Love
  • Beauty of Gratitude
  • Beauty of Seasons
  • Beauty of Nature
  • Beauty of Earth Day
  • Beauty of Eco-Friendly
  • Beauty of Woman Empowerment
  • Beauty of Now vs Then