Investiture Ceremony_28.06.19

              Carmel’s group of school’s Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2019-2020 was celebrated on  28 th June 2019, in the school premises. The programme began with a prayer song, Bible verse and followed by the prayer done by Mrs. Jeannette Rozario, ICSE Principal. The welcome address was given by the Assistant school pupil leader Ms. Shivashankari of Std XI and continued by the Flag hoisting by the Chief guest Dr.Jeromiah. The Introduction of the Chief guest done of the Correspondent Mrs.Pakiya Jothi Devadass, followed by the honoring of the Chief guest was done by the chairman Mr. L. Devadass Samuel.

Later the speech about the Leadership was given by the school SPL Mohammed  Ibrahim of Std XII. Dedication of the school Council and group captains was done by the Chief guest, followed by the Oath taking done by the new leader. The Chief guest Dr.Jeromiah, addressed the gathering by stating the importance of the leadership, and qualities to be possessed by them, he must know; show and go as per the need of the goal, he also wished them to perform their duty to the fullest extent. Later the vote of thanks delivered by the ICSE Asst. SPL Bettina Sandhiya. The Programme ended with the National Anthem, and the new leader planted the saplings in the School premises.

Day of Beauty_22.06.19

“Day of Beauty” celebrated in Carmel’s Group of Schools on 22.06.19. All the classrooms were decorated based on the theme and all the students participated in the event. Students came forward with their own ideas and involved in all kinds of activities like depicting Skit, Mime, Poem recitation, Singing songs, Speech, Art & Craft and so on. “Day of Beauty” laid platform for students’ Creativity, Innovation, Cognitive development, Team work and Communicative skill.

Three judges visited all the classrooms from Mont 1 – IX and awarded marks based on the class performance.

Each class performed uniquely under the following topics.

  • Beauty of Friendship
  • Beauty of Kindness
  • Beauty of Humanity
  • Beauty of India
  • Beauty of Responsibility
  • Beauty of Truth and Respect
  • Beauty of Technology
  • Beauty of School Life
  • Beauty of Food
  • Beauty of Rainbow
  • Beauty of Love
  • Beauty of Gratitude
  • Beauty of Seasons
  • Beauty of Nature
  • Beauty of Earth Day
  • Beauty of Eco-Friendly
  • Beauty of Woman Empowerment
  • Beauty of Now vs Then

Eco Club inaugurated on 10.06.19

ECO club was inaugurated on 10.06.19, Monday in our school campus at 3.15 p.m

Our correspondent, Mrs. Pakia Jothi Devadass inaugurated the club

Mr. Vallarasu, President of the club gave the welcome address

Club members – staff and students – were introduced to the students.

Ms. Jenitta read the activities planned for the year.

This was followed by a talk by our Correspondent on making a terrace garden at home.

Saplings and seeds were presented by the students

Correspondent, Principals planted the sapling.

The rest of the saplings and seeds will be planted in the school garden.

Students sand the song ” The Earth is my home, I promise to keep it healthy and beautiful.

The programme ended with the Vote of thanks by Mrs. Alphonse followed by the National Anthem.


Sports club Inaugurated on 07.06.19

Winning is not everything, but making the effort to win is.

As a part of the curriculum, “Carmel’s Sports club”  was successfully inaugurated on 07.06.19 by our Honourable Chairman Mr. L. Devadass Samuel. The guests were honoured by the President of the club, Mr.Sampath. The club members were introduced by the Secretary, Mr. Charles. The Chief guest addressed the gathering and motivated the students to participate enthusiastically in club activities. Our Correspondent emphasizes the importance of sports and particularly empowers the girls to participate in games.


Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

As a sports club, it has the responsibility to develop the self-discipline and sportsmanship in students.

  • Make the students to excel in sports
  • Motivates the students to take part in the games actively
  • Develop the positive attitude and sportsmanship


The motto of the club is “Discipline through Sports”


The club plans the following activities:

  • Classes from 1 – 12 has been divided into three categories.
  • Each category will be assigned a game for a month.
  • For the first two weeks, they will be introduced to the rules & regulations of the game.
  • Next two weeks they will be given practice.
  • This process will be followed in a cyclic order separately for boys and girls.
  • At the end of each month, a sports meet will be conducted to give the students a platform to exhibit their talents.

Quiz Club Inaugurated on 06.06.19

Quiz club was inaugurated on 06.06.19 by Dr.Y. PARVAS SHARIF,




Inauguration of our Club:

  • Quizzing is the art of the intellect. General knowledge contributes to personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world as a whole.
  • On the Inauguration day we are going to explain our plans and proposed work.
  • We are going to motivate our children to know the importance of real world activities.

Objectives of Quiz club:

  • The quiz club is to update the knowledge of the students in various fields like academic, General knowledge, analytic abilities , quantitative reasoning etc.,
  • Our ultimate goal is to prepare the students for the various competitive exams and also make themselves presently updated.
  • We are going to impart well researched facts, many adding to what the child already knows.
  • We are going to use the specially designed exercises to help the reader learn by doing
  • Snippets providing information, explanations and hints.


  • Maintaining a diary with the various information gathered under the heading like Science, social, mathematics ,computer technology , awards etc.,
  • To enable their logical, reasoning and competitive skills by conducting group activities.


Literary Club Inaugurated on 04.06.19

Literary Club Inaugurated on 04.06.19 by the Correspondent, Mrs. Pakia Jothi Devadass. All the students will be involved in the Literary club activities.

Objectives of Literary club:

  • The aim of the Literary club is to inculcate the love for language among students.
  • It will be a platform to correlate their thoughts into words.
  • The club will provide a platform for the students to develop their vocabulary and in depth knowledge of English language.
  • The club’s objective is to focus on all the skills (LSRW) through various activities.
  • Debating: The club encourages students to think independently and bring the thoughts into words.
  • Speech and Drama: To promote communication skills of the students through team work.
  • The Literary club will help the students to shape their inner self, and nurture the creative thirst among them.